Apollo Cradle- Department for Tumor’s Surgery

Undoubtedly, Cancer has evolved as a major public health –problem over the last few decades. Despite the medical advances in the treatment modalities, surgery holds the maximum potential to cure cancers. The specialty that focuses on the surgical treatment of tumors, especially cancerous tumors, is called Surgical Oncology. Moreover, this modality plays a vital role in managing early as well as advanced cancers.  

Our Surgical Oncology Department offers screening, diagnostics, and treatment of cancers. We have a dedicated team of multi-specialists including nutritionists, rehabilitation therapists, and clinicians to provide you the best care during your surgery and support healing.

Types of Tumors treated with Surgery

  • Breast Tumors
  • Genito-Urinary & Gynaecological Tumors

About Apollo Cradle, Gurugram

Apollo Cradle, an initiative of the Apollo Hospitals Group, brings to Gurgaon a pioneering and revolutionary concept in birthing. Apollo Cradle signifies the luxury of a 5 star hotel, the comforts of home and the unifocal approach to deliver the highest medical care in the field of Obs/Gynae. Apollo Cradle has state of the art infrastructure with regard to Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Neonatology, Cosmetic Surgeries and Tumor Surgeries.


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