Success Stories

Story of Baby AJ

Baby AJ, born at 28 weeks by emergency LSCS in v/o fetal distress. Baby had a birth weight of 1kg at birth. Baby was managed initially in the operation room and then transported to our NICU wherein baby was given respiratory support in the form of “Humidified and Heated High Flow Nasal Canula” or HHHFNC support. Baby was also started on intravenous fluids and antibiotics after sending initial investigations. Baby was started on mother’s milk on day – 2 through a tube going into the tummy (called as naso-gastric tube).

Mother’s milk feeds were gradually increased as per tolerance. Respiratory support was continued for 10 days and then gradually weaned to room air. Baby reached full feeds by 15 days at which point supplements in the form of multivitamin drops / iron drops and calcium syrup were added. Protein and mineral supplement (Called as Human Milk Fortifier – HMF) was also added to mother’s milk to enhance the quality and improve growth. Baby started to gain weight and Kangaroo mother care was initiated with mother taking care of the baby – feeding the baby, changing diapers, cleaning the baby etc.

Baby was finally discharged home on D-62 of life with a weight of 2.02kg (Pic) and is under regular follow-up. Baby is gaining weight and thriving well. There have been no vision or hearing problems which are common in babies born at or less than 1kg at birth.

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