Antenatal Services

For physical and emotional well being of expectant mothers, both counseling and training are required. These classes are being conducted by renowned specialists at Apollo Cradle.

Antenatal Packages at Apollo Cradle

What are the ingredients for a joyous childbirth experience? The first is the desire to enter the new life of parenting and with this, a commitment to proper self-care throughout the pregnancy. The second is adequate assistance. The third is adequate preparation. At Apollo Cradle, we are happy to serve you and be able to meet all your healthcare needs during your pregnancy and delivery.

We aim to provide quality care and service to help you stay in the best of health and prepare you for the birth of your baby through a comprehensive Antenatal Package. The antenatal package covers all pregnancy-related consultations from your 20th week of pregnancy onwards till the birth of your baby.

Antenatal classes help prepare for labour, birth, and early parenthood. Antenatal classes are interactive and help focus on your pregnancy and the forthcoming labor and birth. There are 6 sessions including yoga, Lamaze sessions, labor position, stress management, nutritional advice and counseling.

Class 1
  • Introduction
  • What are we going to talk about?
  • Getting familiar with your body?
  • Importance of nutrition.
  • Importance of exercise – before, during & after the pregnancy
  • Diet Counseling – IInd & IIIrd trimester
  • Breathing technique – Basic
  • Antenatal Exercise –
    a) Ankels & legs
    b) Pelviso.
Class 4
  • Education on:
    a) Labor & its stages
    b) Beginning of labor – ways
    c) Emergency conditions
  • Breathing patterns
  • Association of breathing with labor
  • Massage during labor
  • Positions to be adopted during labor
  • Positions delivery options
Class 2
  • Antenatal Exercise –
    a) Back
    b) Gym Ball
    c) Shoulder & neck exercises
    d) Kegel & standing exercise
  • Diet Counseling (weekly diet charts)
  • Routine Examination
Class 5
  • Post natal changes – Physical & emotional
  • Infant Cars
    a) Crying
    b) Tender bathing
    c) Massage
  • Breastfeeding
    a) Method
    b) Benefits
  • Methods of contraception
Class 3
  • Stress Management & relaxation techniques
  • Reinforcement of previous exercises
  • Nutritious & healthy recipes
  • Role of Father-to-be
  • Diet Counselling during labour.
  • Final Count-down – Ninth month special exercises.
Registration & more
For registration and more information, please call +91-98188-50835 or SMS ‘Cradle’ to 56767

antenatal-classesPregnancy can be a very exciting time for expectant mothers. It is important that expectant mothers devote some time to reducing stress levels strain, and to master the art of relaxation.

Yoga benefits both the mother and the child. Deep breathing exercises, stretching and relaxation gives an all round workout to the body and the mind, helping not only in a healthy pregnancy, but also a safe delivery.

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holisticMake your womb a temple of love, peace and joy

Holistic Pregnancy reflect a multi dimensional approach towards the health of both the mother and baby. This program assists you in adopting a 360 degree approach to pregnancy with the help of Holistic techniques and modalities.

Expected Benefits:

  • Make a shift in thinking from self focus to baby focus
  • Cultivate joy and peace through daily practice
  • Give meaningful early education to the fetus
  • Learn holistic approaches for your unborn`s health
  • Learn to cope with stress and fears
  • Maintain healthy relationship with your spouse
  • Improve your own health & well being
  • Prepare your mind and body for the birth
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